Dolomitennmann 2016 from the view of the Kayakist
Vrijeme čitanja: 2 min

Dolomitennmann 2016 from the view of the Kayakist

Vrijeme čitanja: 2 min
Dolomitennmann 2016 from the view of the Kayakist

The Dolomitennmann: The world's toughest team contest including mountain running, paragliding, mountain biking and wildwater kayaking. Today we are going to show you how the race looks from the point of view of the kayakist – Maks Frančeškin.

Maks Frančeškin

After the cyclist completes his ride, the kayakist has to run to the kayak, before he gets to the boat he has to swim trough a small cold river. Maks hates the running part, wich is his weak spot, he lost lots of valuable time running. When he gets to the kayak, he straps himself in.

The Dolomitennman 7m kayak jump

Now the real race starts – a 7m jump follows, this part of the race is allways a bit unconfortable, as you usually dont do/train this, thats why you are allways in doubts if the equipment will stay whole.

Jump 7m Dolomitennmann

It did.

After the fall it is about 30minutes of rowing with some dificult physical and technical parts upstream. Until Maks is on the water he is happy, its his »comfort zone«.

He is catching up to the kayakists in front of him. Maks is very fast, definitly TOP5.

catching up... Dolomitennmann

After the 30minutes, you get to the highest drop. You have to leave your kayak and run up to the top of the stretch. While running he is loosing time again. You have to repeat this two times. Maks has no problems and quickly completes the difficult technical parts.

Difficult part...Dolomitennmann

Its time for Maks favourite part of the course about 5 minutes of heavy physical rowing, where he was fastest of all competing athletes.

At the end of this part, the kayakist gets to the stairs, leading to the road, where the competitor has to run about 5 minutes with his Kayak to the finish line, where thousands of loud fans are cheering. An amazing experience he says.

Only in the last running part Maks lost about 1 minute. He was 14th on the Kayak part, without the lost time on the running parts he would definitly be TOP5. The team cant wait to attack the Dolomitenmann next year!


The whole team finished 16th (Maks in the green »gosser« jersey).



Products Maks is using at training and competition:


EFS drink during workout

Reg-N after endurance workout

Nduranz Whey after strenght workout

Nduranz BCAA before and after workout


Energycake 1 hour before race

2nd surge gel 15minutes before race

EFS drink during race

Accel gel during race