We know that true endurance & power junkies never stop. The physical stress is putting a heavy burden on your body, especially on your hormonal system. When your stress hormone cortisol goes up, your feel-good-lean-muscle-uplifting hormones such as testosterone (male) and progesterone (female) goes down. This simply means GAINING EXTRA WEIGHT.

With that and December coming, MOST PEOPLE BUY A POWERFUL FAT BURNER. TERRIBLE IDEA (read here)!

So what should we do? Instead of producing further hormonal imbalances by adding 300mg of caffeine based fat burner, you can add NATURAL STRESS-REDUCING ADAPTOGENS BASED FAT-LOSS FORMULA called Fusion to your training routine. Fusion is not a typical fat burner - it is a powerful yet healthy weight loss formula without an excessive amount of caffeine. Fusion additionally increases also your adaptation to stress and VO2 max.  Try the natural power of Rhodiola rosea and Panax ginseng - Fusion is now available at a promotional price of 29.99€

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